Containment sumps are required to be hydro statically tested once every three years. This is to verify that the containment is water-tight. Superior Petroleum Equipment can perform hydro-static testing and provide you with documentation for your records to confirm that your containment’s are water-tight. In the event that a containment fails the hydro static test, we can offer solutions that to address the problem, ranging from entry boot repair, to replacing the entire containment if necessary. 

Call today for – Planned Maintenance

We offer a scheduled maintenance program tailored to your specific fueling site.  This includes an inspection of hoses, nozzles, breakaways, swivels, submersible pump containment’s, dispenser containment’s, and product level probes.  We will also replace fuel filters if needed.  Planned maintenance is scheduled at your discretion, however if provided on a quarterly basis, a 3% discount will apply to labor rates for any service work performed.